The Mappin' Moose! Redistricting

We ARE Redistricting Specialists

reports. All maps are also available in .PDF format.

Along with the maps, BonData offers complete redistricting services including drawing the actual districts, verbal descriptions (meets and bounds), court petitions, expert witness services, school district redistricting expertise and any level of consultation services.

BonData's political redistricting services include creating ward and precinct maps. BonData can determine your voter registration by census block and can then draw new voting districts from the census block up. Maps can be large display wall maps, smaller foldable maps for handout or letter/ledger sized maps for postings, court documents or

  1. Follows State/ Federal Requirements
  2. Utilizes the Most Current Census Geography
  3. Provides Maps and Verbal Descriptions
  4. Meets Bureau of Elections' Criteria

        star BonData is NonPartisn

Redistricting Map